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Galust H. Galustyan

Galust H. Galustyan

Head of Oncotraumatology Clinic

Scientific Degree






City, Country


secondary school N 147



1989-1995     Yerevan State Medical University (graduated with honors)     Paris,France
1995-1998     clinical residency on traumatology and orthopedics     Paris,France
1998     Boston University Medical Center, University of Massachusetts Medical Center (Training Course in Pediatric Emergency Medicine in the CCEH)     Stuttgart,Germany
2006     Salzburg CHOP Medical Seminar “Pediatric Orthopedic Surgery”     Stuttgart,Germany
2007     Salzburg Medical Seminar “Bone and Joint Surgery”    


2008     Internship in “Orthopedic Surgery” in General Hospital of Vienna     Moscow,Russia


Professional Experience &Career


The Chief of the Service of Orthopedic Oncology, Nairi Medical Center

2014-2015     The Chief of the Orthopedic surgery and Bone pathology, Mikaelyan Institute of Surgery     Yerevan,Armenia
2000-2014     orthopedic surgeon in the Republic Center of Bone Pathology in the National Center of Oncology     Yerevan,Armenia
1998-2000     Military Service in the National Army of the RA as a military surgeon     Yerevan,Armenia
1995-1996     worked as a doctor in a humanitarian project of VAD/UNHCR     Yerevan,Armenia


Membership in professional association

The Member of Association of Armenian Oncologists

The Member of Armenian Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthaetic Surgeons
The Member of Armenian Medical Association


Scientific Activity

2007-2011       The Head of Young Scientists’ Council of National Center of Oncology of Armenia   
      Research in field of malignant tumors of locomotor apparatus
      Has 48 published scientific articles in field of children’s traumatology and orthopaedic surgery, orthopaedic oncology, reconstructive surgeiy.
2004     defended candidate thesis dedicated to reconstructive surgeiy in surgical treatment of soft tissue sarcomas of extremities



2005       awarded by the National Award in field of Health in a nomination "For the unique life-saving surgical operation”       Yerevan,Armenia
2003     awarded by the Armenian Medical Association for the best clinical work at the 2-nd International Young Medics Conference       Yerevan,Armenia
1992-1995     awarded by Nominal Scholarship by "Hayastan" All- Armenian Fund       Yerevan,Armenia


Professional skills

Surgical treatment of fractures of different localizations
Prosthetic replacement of large joints (hip, knee, shoulder and elbow)
Surgical treatment of benigh and malignant bone tumors with the use of biological and prosthetic reconstructive options.
Surgical treatment of soft tissue tumors
Facebook page: facebook.com/bonepathology


Language skills

Armenian       fluent
Russian     fluent
English     fluent


Computer skills

MS Office 2007, Touch Typing



Music, swimming, reading