• Angioneurology Department
    Angioneurology Department

Angioneurology Service

General characteristic

In our Center we provide diagnostics and treatment of acute and chronic cerebral discirculations, different diseases of central and peripheral nervous systems, vascular, inflammatory, autoimmune, post – traumatic genesis, and also motor disorder and others.

Center of angio – neurology was founded at Nairi Medical Center in 1988. Here is localized the clinical basis of Angio – Neurology Department of YSMU after Hartsi M., where doctors – neurologists as well as doctors of other adjoint specialties undergo the specialization and post – graduate study.

The Center provides the following services:

  • angio - neurology,
  • neuro - resuscitation,
  • neuro - ophthalmology,
  • logopedics,
  • treatment of movement disorders,
  • kinesitherapy,
  • physiotherapy.

Every year around 500 patients with different diseases get a treatment at the Center.

Principal activity and equipment

The priority direction of Department activity is a problem of acute stroke and a study of exzogenious and endogenious factors’ role in the development of cerebral blood circulation disorders.

In its activity the Center follows the recommendations, developed by famous international and European associations to struggle the stroke.

  • The Center has an opportunity to accomplish CT scan within first 24 hours after the beginning of disease.
  • Here we have created integrated team of neurologists, neuro - ophthalmologists, cardiologists, endocrinologists, therapists, resuscitation specialists, who ensure the optimal care and treatment of stroke patients.
  • At the Center works the special trained nursing personnel, ensuring care of stroke patients.
  • The Center carries out the early multidisciplinary resuscitation of the patients, which includes a complex work of logopedist, kinesitherapist, physiotherapist on the various stages of diseases.
  • The Center has an opportunity to carry out a full spectrum of radiological studies – CT, MRI, CT – and MRI - angiography.
  • In our Center we carry out duplex scanning of head and neck main vessels.
  • We implement ECG, Echo CG, Holter – monitoring, wide spectrum of laboratorial blood tests, including special markers reflecting the level of brain injuries, detection of blood gas structure etc.
  • The methods of plasmopheresis, pulse therapy by corticosteroids are used.
  • Our Center ensures comprehensive diagnostics and a selection of basic therapy of the patients taking into the consideration the concomitant diseases, age, discovered risk factors.
  • The primary importance is to keep the following terms and conditions.
  • Performance of starting therapy to the patients with stroke in the Department of Neuro - resuscitation.
  • Multidisciplinary approach to the care and treatment of cerebral discirculation, based on doctors’ close collaboration of different specialties – neuro – resuscitation specialists, neurosurgeons, neuro – ophthalmologists, cardiologists, endocrinologists, vascular surgeons, radiologists, kinesotherapists, logopedists, special trained personnel, etc.

As a result of these sort of approaches and organizations of treatment, our Center has reached the significant results on decrease of mortality rate from stroke, which was 3-5% per year.

The important activity of the Center is a usage in the clinical practice the modern achievements on stroke problem, based on the study of neuro – immune – endocrine network activity.

Partners and sponsors
Our Center collaborates and implements joint studies with the Biomedical Institution's Branch of National Academy of Armenia.


Gohar H. Hovsepyan, neurologist
Hermine S. Hovsepyan, neurologist
Kristina F. Baghdasaryan, neurologist
Liana K. Yeghyan, neurologist, PhD
Meri F. Yaghubyan, neurologist
Marine G. Manushakyan, neurologist
Nune A. Hovhannisyan, neurologist
Suzanna V. Melikyan, neurologist