• Cardiovascular  Department
    Cardiovascular Department

Cardiovascular Service

The main task of cardiovascular out-patient service is:

  • to provide a high-quality medioprophylactic aid to the patients with cardiovascular diseases,
  • development and performance of organizational events regarding an early discovery and prophylaxis of cardiovascular diseases,
  • regular medical check-up of the patients with cardiovascular disease,
  • implementation of the newest methods of prophylaxis, diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation of the patients with cardiovascular diseases.

Main services – examination and treatment of the following diseases:

  • all types of heart ischemic diseases,
  • arterial hypertension (primary and secondary),
  • congenital and acquired heart disease,
  • rhythm disturbance and conductivity,
  • chronic cardiac insufficiency,
  • myocarditis and pericarditis,
  • cardiomyopathy,
  • primary and secondary pulmonary hypertension.

At “Nairi” Medical Center we use the newest achievements of contemporary medicine in the field of laboratorial and instrumental diagnostics:

  • blood test: full spectrum of biochemical blood test with detection of GFR, detection of cardiac insufficiency marker (pro-BNP), emergency detection of acute coronary syndrome markers, aggregation of thrombocytes, coagulogram with detection of МНО and D-dimer,
  • ECG (children and adults),
  • Echo CG (stress Echo CG),
  • test with dosated physical loading (Treadmill test),
  • 24-hours monitoring - ECG (Holter - monitoring),
  • 24- hours monitoring of arterial hypertension,
  • CT scan indexation of coronary Calcium,
  • CT scan - coronarography,
  • Ultrasound Doppler graph of all main arteries, Ultrasound examination, CT scan, MRI diagnostics of kidneys and adrenal glands.

Department of Cardiovascular Diseases is designed in order to treat the patients with acute and chronic diseases. These type of patients are - with acute coronary syndrome, acute myocardiac infarction, rhythm and conductivity disturbance, primary as well as secondary arterial hypertension. Besides all of these, the Department accepts the patients with acute and chronic cardiac insufficiency.

In the structure there is a modern and fully equipped block of intensive therapy and resuscitation. Such a level of equipment and highly - skilled personnel allow to perform controlled monitoring of the patients and on time extension of emergency pathogenetic aid in full volume. It is necessarily to emphasize that the tactic of patients’ care is implemented in absolute accordance with the recommendations of European society of cardiologists. Particularly, it is necessarily to emphasize that the treatment of patients with arterial hypertension is performed in accordance with the recommendations of European society of hypertension and with the recommendations of European society of cardiologists ( 2013).

To all this it is necessarily to add that the care and the treatment of the patients with acute and chronic cardiac insufficiency is performed in full accordance with recommendations of European society of cardiac insufficiency (2016). We are always happy to provide an all-round aid to our patients in treatment and rehabilitation.



Viktor R. Ter-Grigoryan, cardiologist, Head of Service
Armine A. Misiryan, cardiologist
Alina Zh. Dolmazyan, cardiologist
Diana T. Baghdasaryan, cardiologist
Gayane H. Badalyan, cardiologist
Hamlet G. Hayrapetyan, cardiologist
Lora V. Harutyunyan, cardiologist
Maya R. Zargaryan, cardiologist
Karine A. Ghazaryan, cardiologist
Roza G. Israyelyan, cardiologist
Syune V. Markosyan, cardiologist
Zaruhi A.Petrosyan , cardiologist