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Mammoplasty. Dr. Anna Sargsyan answers frequently asked questions

22 January 2020 | News | Aesthetic and plastic surgery | Anna M. Sargsyan

At what age can mammoplasty be applied?
Mammoplasty is usually performed on women over the age of 18 up to the age of 60-70.

Does seasonality matter for surgery?
Mammoplasty is one of the surgeries for which seasonality does not matter.

How long after breastfeeding can mammoplasty be performed?
It should be performed at least 1 year after giving birth and breastfeeding so the breasts would take their final shape, and it could be possible to predict the size changes of the breasts .

How to choose the right implant?
The surgeon guides the patient in choosing the right implant based on the initial size and type of the breast.

How long do implants last?
Currently, there are some types of implants that will last a lifetime but they are expensive. The most affordable implants should be replaced with new ones in 10-15 years.

What instructions should be followed after surgery?
During the first week after surgery it is preferable to avoid physical activity. It is mandatory to wear a compression dress for a month, which is given together with the implants. After a month the dress should be worn only at night for up to half a year. After 6 months the implants are fixed and there is no need to wear a compression dress anymore.

How long the recovery period lasts?
Thanks to the latest generation technology the recovery period for endoscopic surgery has been reduced, instead of 1 month now it is 5-6 days which means that the patient may return to work after a week.

Are there any restrictions to board a plane or drive a car?
Although there is a widespread opinion that there may be some problems with flying, it is permissible. However, the implants that are used now are strong enough, so it allows to board a plane or drive a car the very next day of the procedure.

What are the contraindications?
There are general surgical and connected with various diseases contraindications for implant use. It is contraindicated for patients with hepatitis B, C, diabetes or endocrine disorders. Also contraindicated the local disorders related to the breast (breast tumor or other problem). In such cases it is necessary to consult a mammologist and get examined to find out the problem.

Is there a need to regulate weight before the surgery?
Yes, the weight should be regulated, it shouldn’t fluctuate more than for 5 kg as weight fluctuations may lead to changes in breast size or cause ptosis. 

If the patient wants to lose weight or gain weight it should be before making a decision to have mammoplasty.

Is it permissible to have surgery if there are infiltrations?

Yes, it is allowed, but only after consultation with a mammologist. If there are small fibrous tumors, they are removed simultaneous with the implant placement. In this case, the oncologist-surgeon participates in the surgery with the plastic surgeon.

Does the cost of surgery change depending on the weight of the implant?
No, the cost of surgery does not change depending on the size of the implant. The cost depends on the implant quality as well as the quality of the gel inside it.

Usually, what is the weight of the implant?
The weight of the implant depends on the size. The bigger it is, heavier its weights.

Can the presence of an implant affect the process of pregnancy and lactation?
It is possible to give birth and feed the baby later, because now the implant is not placed under the gland and the gland is not damaged.

Is it possible to consult a doctor about choosing an endoprosthesis through a photo?
Yes, it is possible, but the choice will be approximate as the photo is less informative and it is possible to change the size of the implant during the final consultation.

Is it possible to increase the breast size, change its shape and tighten it at the same time?
It's possible, If the ptosis, the sagging of the breast, is not much, then the best way to "enlarge" and to lift the breast at the same time is to place implants.

Can fat be absorbed after breast lipofilling?
Years of experience show that after breast lipofilling, most of the fat gets absorbed and it is necessary to apply lipofilling frequently (7, 8, 9, even more than 10 times) in order to make the breast form accurately. Women generally refuse this method. That is why implants have recently been used more often than breast lipofilling

How long does the surgery last and how much time do patients spend in the clinic?
The surgery takes 1.5-2 hours and patients spend 12 hours in the clinic. The patient is discharged in the morning as video endoscopic mammoplasty is a non-invasive, less painful method.

How often should you see a mammologist after the surgery?
After the surgery, it is desirable to get examined once a year and if necessary, see a mammologist.

The questions were answered by "Nairi" Medical Center's  

 Plastic and Reconstructive-Aesthetic Surgery Service 

plastic surgeon Anna Sargsyan.

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