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If you have already decided to receive treatment in Armenia, it is essential to familiarize yourself with information about the country's history, people, and attractions. Click here to learn about the history of Armenia, Armenians, their customs, and many other valuable facts.

Armenia is rich in landmarks. Arriving in our sunny country, you can visit the temples of Garni, Geghard, Haghartsin, Etchmiadzin, Khor Virap, Amberd, Tatev Monastery, as well as the Lake Sevan. Yerevan, the capital of Armenia, is replete with cultural places: theaters, museums, galleries, etc. Yerevan is famous as a beautiful "pink city". The buildings are built of tufa stone in various shades of the color pink.

Armenians are very friendly and warm people and are known to the world for their hospitality.

Armenia is a land of happy smiles and bright colors, ancient legends and biblical tales, beauty, history, and culture. Mount Ararat, the resting place of Noah's Ark, is the national symbol of Armenia.

In case you have insurance problems, don’t worry about that.

If you are planning to get your health problems treated in Armenia, and if you have questions about health insurance, our specialists are ready to help you.

Taking into account the implementation and development of health insurance in our country, and the achievements of this sphere in a short time, our center provides special conditions to citizens with medical insurance or social package, in close cooperation with all companies providing medical insurance in Armenia, such as "Rosgosstrakh Armenia", "Garant Insurance", "Reso", "Sil Insurance", "Armenia Insurance", "Nairi Insurance", "Ingo Armenia" and others.

Within the framework of health insurance and social package, in Nairi Medical Center, every citizen of the Republic of Armenia has the right to consult a doctor, undergo a medical examination, and receive in-patient and out-patient medical care with a 24-hour working schedule. 

Medical insurance
Patient support

At Nairi MC, you can always find supporters ready to help you.

If you need a caregiver, you can notify us in advance, before visiting the medical center. Our employees will provide you with a personal caregiver.

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