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Basal cell carcinoma of the skin (basalioma)

Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer in the world. And the most common type of skin cancer is basal cell carcinoma․․․

28 February 2022 | Head and neck surgery | Head and neck tumors | Aram G. Badalyan

Training Courses for Hernia Surgery

Head of the 1st surgical department of "Nairi" MC prof. Andranik Adamyan performed a course of laparoscopic hernia repair surgery, which was organized in cooperation with Medtronic․․․

17 February 2022 | Digestive System, Stomach | Andranik I. Adamyan

French leading surgical oncologists in Nairi MC

The leading surgical oncologists of the well-known Hopital Beaujon Clinic in Paris paid a professional visit to ‘’Nairi’’ MC by the invitation of the founder of the Chemotherapy Department, French-Armenian doctor Georg Abgaryan․․․

09 February 2022

NEW. Home call service

From now on there is a home calling service at ''Nairi'' Medical Center from 09:00AM to 18:00PM․․․

31 January 2022

Clinical case. Locoregional anesthesia

A 75-year-old patient was diagnosed with a medial meniscus injury in the right knee joint. Arthroscopy was planned․․․

13 January 2022 | Anesthesia, Intensive Care, Resuscitation

Locoregional anesthesia. when general anesthesia is not desirable

Locoregional analgesia is the local elimination of a pain impulse by the blockage of nerves or nerve plexuses․․․

23 December 2021 | Anesthesia, Intensive Care, Resuscitation | Anatoli S. Gnuni

Plasmapheresis. New Service at ''Nairi'' Medical Center

Plasmapheresis is a modern, indisputable method of treating many diseases, based on the rapid removal of metabolic products, various toxins, allergens and other pathological compounds from the blood․․․

08 December 2021 | Therapy

Breast Care Center

Nairi Medical Center has a breast health center that provides early detection of breast diseases with the help of new generation mammography, computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging․․․

19 November 2021 | Gynecological tumors | Gynecology and Women's Health | Mammography

Training of foreign specialists in Nairi MC

Being a regional center certified by the European Oncology and Gynecology Association (ESGO), the gynecological oncology service of "Nairi" MC․․․

25 October 2021 | Breast tumors | Gynecological tumors | Gynecology and Women's Health | Artem V. Stepanyan

Novelty in the cardiology service of Nairi MC

There is a preventive program within the framework of the cardiovascular service of "Nairi" Medical Center - a special package of examinations, which includes․․․

30 September 2021 | Cardiology

Thyroid gland and pregnancy

We talked to endocrinologist, PhD, Associate Professor, Deputy Director on Therapeutic Services of "Nairi" MC Nona Martirosyan, about thyroid function disorders, their direct impact on pregnancy and the fetus, and what you need to know before planning a pregnancy․․․

27 September 2021 | Endocrinology | Nona H. Martirosyan

Clinical case. The neglected benign tumor had turned into a malignant tumor

A 66-year-old woman, an actress by profession, had applied to "Nairi" MC, complaining of a large growth in her ear, about 4 cm. During the last five years the growth has grown slowly, but during the last 2 months it has started to grow intensively․․․

25 September 2021 | Head and neck surgery | Head and neck tumors | Aram G. Badalyan

How to get rid of heartburn?

If you have ever had a burning sensation in your chest after eating a heavy, spicy or very fatty food, you are probably familiar with heartburn․․․

14 September 2021 | Digestive System, Stomach

Irritable bowel syndrome

Irritated bowel syndrome is a group of symptoms, which is connected to disorders of the large intestine, including abdominal pain of various degrees, constipation, diarrhea or their alternation, meteorism and mucus in the stool․․․

10 September 2021 | Digestive System, Stomach

How not to cure heartburn?

Pharmacies offer many "antacids" (Latin for anti-acid) preparations that contain aluminum․․․

08 September 2021 | Digestive System, Stomach

Dr. Aram Badalyan details the role, capacity and pathology of salivary glands

Malignant tumors continue to be the most serious challenge of the 21st century. Few people know that malignant tumors are quite common in the salivary glands, which function in the oral cavity and in the digestive system and receive little attention from us․․․

03 September 2021 | Head and neck surgery | Head and neck tumors | Aram G. Badalyan

Laser vision correction is one of the best ways to get rid of glasses or contact lenses

It is indicated for nearsightedness (myopia),farsightedness(hyperopia), astigmatism and is performed in the age group of 20-45․․․

16 July 2021 | Ophthalmology

When to apply to Dermatologist? Dermatologist of ''Nairi'' MC Ruzanna Mkhoyan explains

The skin - the cover of the body, is the largest organ of the human body, which is exposed to various environmental factors...

20 August 2020 | Skin | Therapy | Ruzanna S. Mkhoyan

Modern treatment methods of throat cancer

Cancer can affect any organ in the human body regardless of the vitality of the organ and the complications in connection with removing the tumor...

06 August 2020 | Tumors of the respiratory system

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