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The whole package for the patient

The complete package related to the patient on the official website of ''Nairi'' MC is shown below.Educational, guiding information, latest news related to the clinic, medical histories of the patients . Useful links will help you orient quickly and find any relevant information that you are interested in.


Following the news, you may read the latest news and achievements of ‘’Nairi’’ Medical Center.

Popular articles

The title includes popular articles on various organ-systems and answers to the most frequently asked questions of our patients.

Patient's education

Includes an explanatory alphabetical dictionary of diseases, symptoms, medical services, healthy food and lifestyle.

Why contact us?

In the title you will get acquainted with the features of the clinic, which can be a guarantee to trust us your health.

Frequently asked Questions

In this title you may read the answers to the patients’ most frequently asked questions․

Patient support

Our staff is ready to help you solve any issue, even the ones that are not connected with medical services but still concern you.

How to get to “Nairi” MC?

At this link you can find out how to get to “Nairi” Medical Center from the airport or city center.

If you are not in Armenia

If you are not from Armenia, it is not a problem, we will help you to plan your visit to Armenia.

Get a second opinion

Our specialists will offer the best treatment options, and the experience of the best doctors will be available from anywhere in the world.

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