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Second opinion

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Second opinion
(վճարովի ծառայություն)

Իմանալ ավելին, երկրորդ կարծիք

How to get a second opinion from our specialists?

Thanks to our secure platform, patients may get detailed medical information, view medical records, diagnostic test results with the help of one of our lawyers by contacting them via live video call. Your lawyer will collect your medical records and cooperate with an appropriate specialist  for an advice. The specialist will give you a second opinion about your diagnosis and treatment. You will discuss your medical condition and ask any additional questions during a real time consultation with your doctor. A specialist from our clinic will immediately contact you to discuss possible treatment options. We accept payments by credit card or checks or bank transfer.

Ադմինիստարոտը կօգնի Ձեզ` կապվել համապատասխան մասնագետի հետ:

Connect with our specialist of any direction online, without leaving home.

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+374 91 55 51 56

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Write to us, the administrator is ready to help in any issue.

Video call

+374 91 55 51 56

Connect with our experienced professionals without wasting time and money.


After submitting the application, you will receive a relevant note about the payment to the email address that you have mentioned. You will receive the opinion of the relevant specialist FROM ONLINE PAYMENT in the form of a conclusion to the same address.

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