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Clinical case. Locoregional anesthesia

13 January 2022 | Anesthesia, Intensive Care, Resuscitation

Another operation using locoregional analgesia was recently performed at ''Nairi'' Medical Center.

A 75-year-old patient was diagnosed with a medial meniscus injury in the right knee joint. Arthroscopy was planned.

Preliminary examination by the anesthesiologist during the preoperative period revealed that the patient suffers from a number of severe concomitant chronic diseases, including hepatitis C, chronic liver failure due to cirrhosis of the liver, grade II varicose veins of the esophagus, and chronic heart failure.

It was obvious that traditional spinal or general anesthesia was impossible.

It was decided to perform locoregional anesthesia with a blockade of separate peripheral nerves.

The operation was performed 50 minutes after the nerve blockage and lasted 40 minutes.

3 hours after the surgery, the patient walked with the help of a crutch. The locoregional blockade also provided postoperative pain relief, and the very next day the patient was discharged in good condition.

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