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Cervical spine surgery

04 October 2019 | News | Brain, Vertebral column | Arman P. Hakobyan

In case of cervical spine hernias, it is possible to perform both open and endoscopic surgery. The choice of the surgery depends on the size and the shape of the hernia. Open surgeries are performed from the primary entry i.e. from the anterior part of the neck.

During the surgery surgeon removes the hernia (intervertebral cartilage). After the hernia is removed, spinal fixation is done to stabilize the spine. Spinal fixation is a "welding" process that aims to anchor vertebral bodies to each other. Different types of implants are used for this purpose.

The implant might be made of metal, carbon or polyurethane. In case of small hernias, we offer endoscopic surgeries. There are two types of endoscopic cervical spine surgery.One is  percutaneous discectomy  with primary entry, in which a partial removal of the intervertebral cartilage (not hernia) is performed using a  pen diameter tube , which leads to a decrease in intradiscal pressure, which in turn promotes retraction of the hernia. The other is endoscopic hernia removal through the skin with posterior entrance. This is a minimally invasive endoscopic surgery.

During the surgery the hernia and a part of the vertebral arch are removed with the help of high-speed drills. This surgery is mainly indicated for lateral hernias. All these surgeries described above are performed in our department. The choice of the method is depends on the patient  and the specific case.

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