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Surgical treatment of epilepsy

12 February 2020 | News | Brain, Vertebral column | Arman P. Hakobyan

''Nairi'' Medical Center already operates on patients with epilepsy. What is special about this surgery is that none of the cases is like the previous one. 

The point of the surgery is to remove the lesion responsible for epilepsy, but how to find it? Epileptic foci are similar to the healthy parts of the brain, they are just epileptic.

To solve the problem, prior to operation, special very thin electrodes are placed in the patient's brain, which capture the epileptogenic lesion first and then EEG is performed. Afterwards, with the help of inserted electrodes, without performing open surgery, they simply burn the lesion about 1 cm in size, and free the patient of epileptic concussions or significantly reduce their activity throughout life.

As a result, the patient avoids open surgery. This is currently one of the most up-to-date surgeries, available only at ''Nairi'' Medical Center with the use of the latest equipment, which is permanently replenished.

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