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Innovative technologies and methodologies

04 August 2017 | Popular articles

Innovative technologies and methods are widely used in the treatment of patients in "Nairi" MC. Minimally invasive, endoscopic and laparoscopic surgery is widely used in various fields: gynecology, neurosurgery, general surgery, ENT, etc. This allows the patient to be treated and to recover without open surgery, and, as a rule, without complications, pain and discomfort.

Application of innovative technologies and methodologies in general surgery.

Extensive endoscopic operations on the abdominal organs are performed in the General and Laparoscopic Surgery Department. In parallel with open surgeries performed with innovative technologies, complex laparoscopic surgeries are performed. The list of surgeries includes:

  • Thoracoscopic removal of the esophagus  laparoscopic placement of a cloth made from the stomach;
  • General surgical-oncological surgery of the gastrointestinal tract (stomach,   small intestine, large intestine, rectum, pancreas, liver, bile ducts) using both traditional and minimally invasive laparoscopic methods.
  • Treatment of obesity by laparoscopic method (gastric banding, tunnel gastrectomy, gastric bypass, placement of a cylinder in the stomach);
  • Interventions in endocrine pathologies (right and left's laparoscopic adrenalectomy, treatment of pancreatic diseases with minimally invasive method);
  • Surgical treatment of Crohn's disease of the small intestine;
  • Treatment of pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract by laparoscopic method (esophageal hernia, gastroesophageal reflux, esophageal achalasia);
  • Traditional laparoscopic surgery of the abdominal wall, groin hernia,
  • Treatment of spleen pathology; laparoscopic removal of parasitic and non-parasitic liver and spleen.

Application of innovative technologies and methodologies in gynecology

In the treatment of gynecological diseases in "Nairi" MC, the methods of laparoscopic-endoscopic surgery are widely used: endoscopic-laparoscopic hysterectomy, myomectomy, laparoscopic sacral colpoplex, laparascopic complex removal, removal of lymph nodes, ovaries, etc., which are usually performed by open surgery.

Laparoscopic radical hysterectomy is used to treat early stages of cervical cancer. The modification of radical hysterectomy is called general mesometric resection and is available at Nairi Medical Center. This modification provides a 15-20% higher lifespan.

Application of innovative technologies and  methodologies in neurosurgery

The Endoscopic Neurosurgery and  Spine Surgery Clinic in "Nairi" MC has developed and introduced the following innovative methods of treatment.

  • Endoscopic surgery of intervertebral hernias;
  • Laser removal of intervertebral hernias;
  • Treatment of tumors or fractures of various parts of the spine by vertebroplasty;
  • Reconstructive surgery of different parts of the spine using new implantation systems;
  • Endoscopic surgery for tumors of certain parts of the pituitary gland and brain;
  • Carrying out blockades at different levels under the supervision of CT, radioscopy;
  • Pain treatment using Cosman technology;
  • Surgery for brain tumors using the StealthSation system;
  • Laser removal of brain and  spinal tumors with the help of Cosman generator;
  • Treatment of cerebral palsy by minimally invasive injection of the acetylase enzyme into the hematoma.

Application of innovative technologies և methodologies in the ENT (Ear Nose Throat Services) service

The ENT service introduces the latest diagnostic and treatment technologies and  methodologies using optical and video systems, data archiving, which allows not only to diagnose with high accuracy, but also to treat with optical control, which increases the positive results of treatment by 40-50% : The use of the latest methods reduces blood loss during surgery, eliminates the pain syndrome, and in the postoperative period - the risk of bleeding, which is especially important in the treatment of children.

Traditional treatment methods in the ENT services have been improved and optimized in accordance with international standards.

Application of innovative technologies and methodologies in ophthalmology

The ophthalmological clinic of "Nairi" MC provides high-tech complex diagnostic of eye diseases, microsurgical-surgical services to adults and children. Modern state-of-the art equipment is used.

The latest generation Zeiss laser devices (Germany) have been installed at the ophthalmology clinic for the treatment of eye diseases and laser surgery of secondary glaucoma cataract.

Application of innovative technologies and methodologies in dentistry

The dental clinic offers complex dental services, which are carried out with the help of modern European devices.

  • Dental implantation with pre-digital implant planning, which ensures 100% safety of the intervention
  • Digital planning and design of denture structure
  • Use of innovative materials
  • Extensive surgical and orthopedic dental services.

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