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Laser skin resurfacing

28 February 2020 | News | Aesthetic and plastic surgery

A number of patients recently apply to ‘‘Nairi’’ Medical Center for reconstructive or cosmetic plastic surgery in order to solve skin age-related problems by non-surgical methods without lifting procedures. Laser fractional methods provide an opportunity to rejuvenate the skin.

For this purpose, the AcuPulse CO2 fractional laser which is one of the latest generations of Lumenis lasers is used.

Laser ablation and fractional methods are usually performed for deeper and superficial rejuvenation of the skin. With the help of AcuPulse CO2 fractional laser, the two above mentioned functions are combined, and it is possible to perform both procedures on the same day without any excessive pain. The recovery period after the intervention is also reduced.

The main advantage of laser procedure is the rapid healing of the wound thanks to the high impulse frequency of the device, i.e. the impulse is transmitted in a very short period of time and does not cause burns to the surrounding skin.
After the laser procedure, an obvious tightening of small wrinkles, reduction of deep wrinkles, removal of pigments and other rejuvenation features occur.

All laser rejuvenation procedures are performed under local anesthesia. A special cream is applied on the part of the skin 30-40 minutes before the procedure. The patient doesn’t need examination and special preparation before the procedure as none is required for the laser fractionation.

All fractional interventions last 10-20 minutes. From the moment the intervention is completed, the patient can go home. Creams are prescribed for home use and after a week the patient as a rule returns to the normal working rhythm.

In the first few days after the laser skin resurfacing, a direct sunlight affect should be avoided and prescribed creams should be used to speed the recovery. The result of the skin rejuvenation is obvious 4-8 weeks after the procedure.

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