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Training of foreign specialists in Nairi MC

25 October 2021 | News | Breast tumors | Gynecological tumors | Gynecology and Women's Health | Artem V. Stepanyan

Being a regional center certified by the European Oncology and Gynecology Association (ESGO), the gynecological oncology service of "Nairi" MC – led by oncologist, associate professor, head of the service A.V Stepanyan, carries out professional trainings of foreign specialists.

This time, as a resident, Zoe Volonaki from Greece has been trained, who shared his impressions.

"It is a great happiness for me to have an experience in the gynecological oncology service of" Nairi "medical center. The head of the service, oncologist Artem Stepanyan, is one of the best surgeons I have ever seen, both in the fields of minimally invasive and open surgery, a true teacher with a strong will to teach the next generation of doctors the art of surgery. He has created a team of doctors who are the best in their field, providing the most effective treatment of patients according to modern guidelines, with an individual approach. Nairi Medical Center is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and is a world-class medical center. Every woman can be treated within the framework of the gynecological oncology service. I am sure that everything I learn every day at Nairi with Dr. Stepanyan in my Motherland will accompany me throughout my career as a doctor. I hope I can do at least the least that the doctors here have done. I am grateful, that I had the luck to be here. This is a life experience. "

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