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Laser skin resurfacing

A number of patients recently apply to ‘‘Nairi’’ Medical Center for reconstructive or cosmetic plastic surgery in order to solve skin age-related problems by non-surgical methods without lifting procedures...

28 February 2020 | Aesthetic and plastic surgery | Anna M. Sargsyan

Another exceptional operation to restore a soldier's health was performed

''Nairi'' Medical Center has been cooperating with the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Health for three years․․․

18 February 2020 | Brain, Vertebral column | Arman P. Hakobyan

Introduction of European experience in Nairi Medical Center

Endocrine surgeon Dr. Aram S. Chomoyan underwent a two-week training course at the Department of Endocrine Surgery...

18 February 2020 | Endocrinology | Aram S. Chomoyan

Masterclass on the latest, minimally invasive surgical method in pulmonary diseases

Armenian specialists were given the opportunity to get acquainted with the modern technique of surgical treatment of lung diseases․․․

14 February 2020 | Respiratory system | Armen Khanoyan

Surgical treatment of epilepsy

''Nairi'' Medical Center already operates on patients with epilepsy. What is special about this surgery is that none of the cases is like the previous one․․․

12 February 2020 | Brain, Vertebral column | Arman P. Hakobyan

Endoscopic examination as a tumor preventing measure Dr. Tevos Sargsyan

I strictly recommend people who are at high risk of colorectal cancer due to genetic predisposition i.e. their closest relatives had a history of colorectal cancer, to make a fecal occult blood test․․․

01 February 2020 | Endoscopic Diagnosis | Tevos H. Sargsyan

Mammoplasty. Dr. Anna Sargsyan answers frequently asked questions

At what age can mammoplasty be applied? Mammoplasty is usually performed on women over the age of 18 up to the age of 60-70․․․

22 January 2020 | Aesthetic and plastic surgery | Anna M. Sargsyan

Mastication and memory

As in the last few decades a drastic change in the nature of human diet has led to a decrease in chewing activity․․․

26 December 2019 | Gynecological tumors | Head and neck surgery | Arsen G. Shaldzhyan

The second course of ''Caucasus School of Thyroid Gland'' took place

The training was organized by the "Armenian Anticancer League" public organization in cooperation with "Erebuni" and "Nairi" medical centers...

19 December 2019 | Head and neck surgery | Head and neck tumors | Aram G. Badalyan

The latest generation AcuPulse CO2 fractional laser at ''Nairi'' Medical Center

The use of lasers is quite effective as the postoperative period is shorter and  complications are minimal (there is no bleeding, wounds heal faster...

03 December 2019 | Aesthetic and plastic surgery | Anna M. Sargsyan

Endoscopy services at ''Nairi'' MC. Interview with Tos Sargsyan

''Nairi'' Medical Center has an endoscopic diagnosis and treatment service, which involves gastroscopy and colonoscopy․․․

26 November 2019 | Endoscopic Diagnosis | Tevos H. Sargsyan

Disorders of Temporomandibular joint and depression

The disorders of temporomandibular joint that involve muscular and articular elements of the joint are somehow connected with stress and depression․․․

19 November 2019 | Head and neck surgery | Head and neck tumors | Karen M. Vardanyan

November 20 is the day of the fight against chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Every year, organizers in more than 50 countries around the world hold events to make the day the most important day of education, education...

19 November 2019 | Respiratory system | Irina V. Khachatryan

November 14 is the day of the fight against diabetes. Nona Martirosyan

Realizing the importance of the disease and raising public awareness, we prepared a list of questions about diabetes frequently asked by patients․․․

14 November 2019 | Endocrinology | Nona H. Martirosyan

November 12 is the World Pneumonia Day

Every year, November 12 is known as the International Day against Pneumonia, which appeared on the calendar at the suggestion of the World Coalition against Juvenile Pneumonia...

12 November 2019 | Respiratory system | Irina V. Khachatryan

''Nairi'' MC performs cytoreductive surgeries for advanced ovarian cancer

Artem Stepanyan, Member of the Board of the European Society of Gynecological Oncology (ESGO), Head of the Gynecological Oncolog․․․

08 November 2019 | Gynecological tumors | Gynecology and Women's Health | Artem V. Stepanyan

Liver elastography. sonographer Kristine Martirosyan

Elastography, ultrasound assisted, is a painless, accurate, non-invasive method of diagnosis that, unlike ultrasound examination of the liver, allows to determine the degree of liver fibrosis - fatty hepatosis․․․

05 November 2019 | Ultrasound Diagnostics | Kristine A. Martirosyan

Video endoscopic mammoplasty for the first time in Armenia

For the first time in Armenia, video endoscopic mammoplasty was performed using silicone endoprostheses․․․

04 November 2019 | Aesthetic and plastic surgery | Anna M. Sargsyan

A unique surgery of jaw transplantation was performed

In a male patient with a severe cancer of the jaw, the jaw was removed and replaced with a new one made from the patient's bones...

31 October 2019 | Head and neck surgery | Head and neck tumors | Aram G. Badalyan

Less invasive surgical method in knee joint arthritis

Unlike the previous standard methods, this surgery makes it possible to achieve a very effective clinical result due to a minimally-invasive and a short intervention...

29 October 2019 | Orthopedics and Traumatology, "Coxa" Clinic | Galust H. Galustyan

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